That Kid, "Crush" Review - PopMatters (2020)
Pride isn't about sex, or un-sexy "queer liberation." It's about humiliation.
On power, trauma, and Jerry Springer.
"The idea that a female rap project is a failure for being one-note-- especially when that note is confident and sexy-- ruins what this project has to offer: fun in its purest form."
"Walk of Shame: Pride and Paradox" Twink Revolution (2020)
"The uptick in identity politics ideology in pop culture is a direct result of the liberal abandonment of leftist goals for material protection-- that popular media has become the only place where a liberated future is being vouched for."
Slayyyter "Slayyyter" Review, PopMatters (2019)
"Dismantling the Empathy Machine: Cultural Liberalism and Its Failures" - Illinois Wesleyan University MUSE Conference, (2020)
Dua Lipa, "Future Nostalgia" Review - PopMatters (2020)
"Slayyyter positions herself as pop music's first great spiritual medium- resurrecting the damned pop sounds of yore, back with a vengeance."
"Baggage" Red Shoes Review, (2018)
"Sexorcism is a filthy party record that relishes in its niche appeal, even if its comfort in discomfort makes certain songs practically unlistenable."
"Ironically, you may wind up wishing that Grimes' vision of a scorched Earth was a bit more, well, fun."
"The Way He Moves" TeenInk (2015)
"All Fags Go to Heaven" Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle (2019)
"Crush considers things that just happened worthy of nostalgic revisiting. It revels in being too online-- specifically the sexed-up, psychotic corner of gay Twitter."
"Lanza's become a master of negative space-- a producer who can wring far more from a prolonged moment of stillness than from unleashing fireworks."
"Close Call" Hello Mr Magazine, Issue 08 (2017)
Grimes "Miss Anthropocene" Review, Pop Matters (2020)
Kesha "High Road" Review, PopMatters (2020)
"This was the beginning of something: pop that hollers back, pop that trudges forth."
Flo Milli "Ho Why Is You Here?" Review, PopMatters (2020)
Brooke Candy, "Sexorcism" Review - PopMatters (2019)
A weekly column about sex, alcohol, and undergrad.
"Future Nostalgia is the stuff of timeless radio gold and decade-plus careers, the sort of album that shifts the Overton window and makes pop music popular again."
Jessy Lanza, "All the Time" Review - PopMatters (2020)
On the various mysteries and fluids of love.
"High Road is an unrepentant endurance test of the listener's cringe response."
On body dysmorphia, panic, and dancing like everybody is watching.
On phone sex, intimacy issues, and "faking it."
Can't Keep a Good Hollaback Girl Down: The 15th Anniversary of Love, Angel Music Baby, PopMatters (2020)